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27 novembre 2020 - 28 novembre 2020


How can we help our audience to make more sense of data visualisations? How can we help to make it more understandable? One way is to work with rules. Rules about colour, axis, size, shapes, interactivity, etc. We can’t expect our audience to take the time to decode complex and beautiful visualisations, but we can design the conditions to aim for that. If we as practitioners use rules in a clear way, the reader can understand a data visualisation more intuitively. On the other hand, even with all the rules, every data visualisation is unique and different. The creativity is obviously in the rules. We can use the creativity to play around with and search for new and exiting ways of expression to connect with our audiences.

At the second S-H-O-W conference in November 2020 we will examine, learn and discuss the rules. We look at how to make them and break them.
The S-H-O-W conference exists of talks and discussions. The entire conference will be in English.

You can join the conference online or (limited seats) at the Anatomiegebouw in Utrecht. Please note that all time indications are CET.


Début :
27 novembre 2020
Fin :
28 novembre 2020
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Utrecht, Utrecht Pays-Bas
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